Traditional medicine use to think the only function of platelets was to stop the bleeding after an injury. Now, we know that platelets have a much more important role. Platelets are the first responders to any kind of trauma in the body. They aggregate, at the site of injury to form a clot, which plugs the flow of blood. This response is only the beginning of an incredible cascade of healing events. Once activated, the platelets release a whole cocktail of growth factors that signal resting stem cells to migrate to the injured area. The stem cells then divide and produce more stem cells, ultimately morphing into the very type of cells that need to be produced to repair the skin, bone and blood vessels. If we extract extra platelets from your blood, concentrate them and deposit them into a target area, we can amplify this healing effect and create an abundance of new collagen, in effect reversing the degeneration that occurs with aging.

Stem Cells derived from Your Body

Stem cells are the building blocks for our body. Stem cells are specialized cells; they can divide into more stem cells and have the ability to transform into skin cells, blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells and even nerve cells. If we attract stem cells to a targeted area of the body, we can create new tissue and repair damaged tissue. We used to think that stems cells were only found in fetal tissue or bone marrow. We now know that stem cells are found all over the body, even in adults. It turns out that stem cells are found resting along the vast network of capillaries everywhere from your fingertips to the unwanted fat stores in your body.

Vampire Treatments®

The “Vampire” trademark refers to a collection of procedures that utilize your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to stimulate your body’s ability to regenerate and create new living tissue. Our bodies are designed to self-repair. When there is an injury, a signal is sent out from the site of injury to initiate a cascade of events that are necessary to heal the wound. This healing process is able to grow new skin, new bone, new cartilage and even new hair. Because the active ingredient comes from your own blood, PRP treatments are very safe and the results are very natural looking. A sample of your blood is collected from your arm then processed through a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets from the rest of your blood. The concentrated platelets release growth factors that signal stem cells to migrate to the area, turn into new skin cells and stimulate formation of microscopic blood vessels to enhance the circulation to the treated area. PRP can be applied topically over tiny perforations made in the skin with a microneedling device, or it can be injected directly to improve the skin quality. When injected over a dermal filler or collagen stimulating agent, the volumizing effect is significantly amplified.

Only licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who have been trained and certified to perform the Vampire® Treatments can perform these specialized procedures.