Our Gainesville, Florida ear surgeon and associates provide both kids and adults expert, compassionate care for protruding or oversized ears.

Ear Pinning Surgery in Gainesville FLEars that are irregularly shaped generally become apparent in a child by age four – which is also around the same they begin school.

Having ears not in balance and proportion with the rest of the face can lead to a lot of nasty comments from other kids, “Dumbo Ears” being the most common. A child facing harsh comments like this could potentially develop self-esteem issues and feel overly conscious about their appearance.

Ear surgery, medically known as an otoplasty, helps correct the defects in ear structure that can lead to this kind of taunting

If your child is bothered by protruding or misshapen ears, an otoplasty by age 5 is safe provided ear cartilage is stable enough for correction. Adults can also safely undergo ear-pinning surgery too but there is a slightly higher chance of complication. Many adults in fact undergo the procedure because of dissatisfaction with a previous ear surgery when they were younger.

Besides correcting ear structure issues that are essentially present since birth, ear-pinning surgery also:

Corrects misshapen ears caused by injury

Helps address oversized ears, or a medical condition known as macrotia

For whatever reason the procedure is done, ear-pinning surgery creates more naturally shape ear(s) – drastically improving the ears’ balance and proportion with the face.

We completely understand how even minor corrections to ear structure can yield tremendous benefits to appearance and self-esteem. But one important thing you need to consider – an otoplasty or any other plastic surgery procedure should only be done to satisfy your goals, not those of someone else.

To learn more about this procedure and how it can help you or your child correct issues with ear proportion and appearance, browse through our nose surgery resources below (COMING SOON)

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