P-Shot® (or Priapus Shot®) is a new method of treating erectile dysfunction (ED) that your doctor may not have considered. P-Shot® is a simple procedure but it can only be administered by a clinician with specialized training in this technique. This procedure takes advantage of the regenerative potential found in your own body.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is being used in all fields of medicine. Athletes get PRP injections to quickly recover from acute and chronic sports injuries. Aesthetic clinicians are using it to regenerate collagen and skin in the face and to grow hair. Wound care doctors are using it to heal chronic wounds. The potential benefits are limitless.

It turns out that the platelets that are circulating in your blood are actually storehouses of growth factors that are released in response to any injury. When the platelets become activated, they released growth factors and signal stem cells to come to the area and start healing the damaged tissue. It initiates the creation of new blood supplies to the area.

The P-Shot® involves taking a sample of blood from your arm, extracting the platelets, activating them to release the growth factors and injecting the potent solution into strategic areas of the penis.

Within 3-6 weeks after a P-Shot® injection, men are experiencing increased sensation, increased ability to have and sustain an erection and even a modest increase in size of their organ.

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It is recommended that you receive a treatment at least once a year to maintain the results. Multiple treatments in a series can further enhance the effects as there seems to be a cumulative effect.

Only licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who have been trained and certified to perform the P-Shot® can perform the procedure.

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