The eye contour has the thinnest and most fragile skin on the entire face. It is under the strain of 22 muscles in perpetual motion and 10,000 blinks per day. This is why the eye contour is the first area to show signs of aging. Fine and deep wrinkles and traces of tiredness can thus appear prematurely.

In your 20’s:

Treatment for eye wrinkles for a woman in her 20s in Gainesville, FL

In your 20’s, you may experience a significant reduction in acne and oil production resulting from the hormonal fluctuations. In your mid-20’s, you will start to notice first signs of dryness. Although the dryness helps to control blocked pores, acne and oil production, it also starts to cause wrinkling around your eyes.

In your 30’S:

Treatment for eye wrinkles for a woman in her 30s in Gainesville, FL

Dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes often come next, usually in the 30’s. Sun damage prematurely breaks down collagen and elastin fibers, causing changes to skin tone, texture and density. With tiredness or age, blood and lymph microcirculation around the eyes may slow, as well. The thin skin around the eye contour quickly reveals the signs of poor vascularization or inadequate lymph drainage. This is what provokes the appearance of tiredness and aging.

In your 40’s:

Treatment for eye wrinkles for a woman in her 40s in Gainesville, FLSubstantial loss of elastin in the 40’s means your skin doesn’t have that “bounce back” quality that’s present in younger skin. Once estrogen levels start to decline, your skin is likely to become drier which leads to deeper eye wrinkles. Gradual tissue atrophy and redundant skin folds and wrinkles appear. Loss of structural support of the lower eyes including the tarsus, canthal tendons, and orbicularis muscle with thinned skin leads to eye fat prolapse, eyelid malposition and other eyelid problems. Reduction in the orbital fat causes the eyes to “sink in” accentuating the lid laxity.

In your 50’s and 60’s:

Treatment for eye wrinkles for a woman in her 50s in Gainesville, FL

In your 50’s skin tone is likely to become increasingly rougher, with an increase in number of spider veins and age spots (hyperpigmentation). You may also notice extreme dryness, significantly thinner skin, loss of volume, more noticeable eyes and face wrinkles and sagging skin around your chin.

Skin isn’t static. Skin eye care regimen should start as early as your 20’s with small amounts of moisturizing eye cream massaged delicately from the inside to the outside of the eye until the product is fully absorbed. As you proceed to your early 30’s, the main skin care concern is correcting and preventing further sun damage and sun exposure. Adding retinol to your daily regimen will help with the aging process. Investing in Botox injections every four to six months may prevent the formation of new wrinkles and be a viable choice for fighting aging skin. Using the highest quality physician recommended skincare products like brightening eye creams with anti-oxidants, moisturizers and sunscreens will make you feel confident during your morning and evening regimen. To correct hollow/sunken eyes with visible loss of orbital fat you may want to consider dermal fillers.

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