Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

Accent is proud to offer The Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System which is the world’s most advanced, light-based form of treatment designed to alleviate a variety of skin conditions. The Palomar Icon system features state-of-the-art technology providing patients with a comfortable experience and the most successful results. This system uses the Skintel Melanin Reader – the only FDA-cleared melanin reader. The Skintel Melanin Reader measures the average melanin density in the skin before the treatment begins in order to adjust treatment settings to that patient’s unique skin characteristics.

1540 Fractional Laser

Fractional, non-ablative laser for skin resurfacing and the treatment of surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks – the only FDA cleared laser for this treatment. The various Micro-lenses allow for customized treatments; the XF Micro-lens for high speed, quick treatment sessions or the XD Micro-lens for deeper penetration to reach tough conditions such as scars and stretch marks.

Skin Renewal - BeforeSkin Renewal - After

Laser wrinkle reduction and skin tightening

The Palomar Icon system can significantly improve skin texture and smooth out the creases within the skin that result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, melasma and scarring. Following the fractional laser procedure, the body’s natural healing process creates healthy, new tissue which results in younger, healthier skin.

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