Permanent Makeup (micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo) in Gainesville, FL

Permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup is an advanced cosmetic technique in which the skin is tattooed in a way that gives the appearance of makeup. Also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo, Permanent Makeup consists of implanting natural pigments (vegetable and mineral extracts) under the superficial layers of the skin.

Using a small sterile micro-needle, the natural pigments are inserted between the dermis and the epidermis, creating a lasting cosmetic effect. This effect reflects a visual illusion where hair or color is missing (as in eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and color).

Our Board Certified micropigmentation practitioner, Laura K. McIver, FAAM has been dedicated to quality and efficiency since 1996, starting with an extended apprenticeship. Laura brings her continued education to each appointment providing clients with the best and latest techniques available in the industry today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Permanent makeup the same as a tattoo?

Yes, both are permanent. With “permanent makeup,” pigments are lighter and generally need touching up within three to five years. Results will depend on age, skin tone, body chemistry, sun exposure, and exfoliation.

Is permanent makeup painful?

Atopical anesthetic is applied prior to and during each procedure to numb the epidermis. Since Lasting Looks works under a doctor’s supervision, we use prescription anesthetics.

Is permanent makeup affordable?

Considering that “permanent makeup” lasts for three to five years before a “touch up” is needed, it is relatively inexpensive. When comparing the amount most women spend on hair styling, color, perms, and normal maintenance, then “permanent makeup” is quite the bargain.

How safe is permanent makeup?

Lasting Looks follows strict hygiene and sterilization procedures that conform to OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. Every client is administered an allergy test prior to their procedure.

What is the recovery period after the permanent makeup procedure?

Most clients can return to normal daily activities immediately. Some clients may experience slight swelling or bruising, but this is usually minimal.

What if I want to change my makeup?

Normal cosmetics may be applied over your “permanent makeup” for color variety. Since we work with your own natural facial features to enhance them to their fullest, no applied makeup is necessary.

Why choose permanent makeup?

Wake up with round-the-clock beauty! It will make you look younger and prettier without surgery. It will save you time. It’s “no sweat” beauty for active individuals. It’s great for women allergic to fragrances and preservatives in conventional cosmetics. It can simulate and replace lost hair, especially for alopecia clients and cancer survivors. It’s great for men or women! You will love having permanent makeup but only if you choose the right technician.